Workers' Rights &
Small Business Advocacy

Protecting Our Working Class Rights & Supporting Our Entrepreneurs

A war has been waged on the progress of the working class and the economic gaps continue to widen. Our truly essential workers are being left undervalued and underpaid for their training, dedication and service.  Our Labor Unions, entrepreneurs, creatives and impoverished workers are all suffering at the hands of a capitalistic system.

The hard labor, work ethics, and sacrifices made by the many cannot continue to only sustain and prosper an elite few.  While Labor Unions have protected many industries and trades for decades since their hard won victories. For far too many workers- Union protection is not an option. Whole industries are left without adequate protections; or with substandard pay scales rooted in racially unjust and outdated practices.  We must seek to mitigate these systemic wrongs to prevent the economic gaps from widening.

As a classroom teacher, having also worked in Education Administration, I am aware of the need to fight for our educators' rights to a safe and productive environment that is conducive to learning. 


As a service industry worker and artist,  I have stood before the Common Council and fought for the rights and representation of those who had been assaulted, mistreated, and left with medical bills by corrupt business owners.  Bad business is bad for everyone.

Now more than ever our workers and entrepreneurs need transparent advocates in office to ensure that their rights are the priority of those they elect.