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Getting the services and public servants we vote and pay for...

Our District’s residents have been left underserved, under-represented, and in potentially dangerous and exhaustive situations. Our neighbors have even been left un-heard and badgered by Public Service employees, the city’s engineering and policing teams, as well as by our elected Alders. This is unacceptable.

Our citizens deserve safe, timely and responsible public services.  My district deserves  an Alder that looks for innovative ways to eliminate the ever widening gaps in access to technology and housing security.  I intend to serve as Alder; as a public servant.

I do not agree with the current Alder’s initial bandwagon stance calling to Defund the Police. This was not always her stance, as she once stated that the Police would let us know when they needed our help. However, she is fine to reassign these public monies to significantly increasing the salaries alderpersons. On the campaign trail she triangulated her script to speak to re-appropriating monies to the places we all know they should be going- instead of padding pockets of professional politicians.


Our district has been left with out someone to fight for the practical services our citizens pay for; garbage and recycling picked up and not left in the streets; City Engineering making timely repairs to poles and wires; equitable access to the legal system, and ethical recourse for victims. There is so much more that our city could be doing at the municipal level for its citizens. Too often our city council members are politicians working their way up, and partnering with those that do not hold the residents best interest as their priority.  

We know we are beginning to see more progressive pushes towards providing mental health initiatives; youth mentorship programs, and closing the equity gaps found in accessing public technology. We must ensure that the residents of District 3 are being educated and informed, of these developments. It is their expressed experience with public services and elected officials we should be listening to.


District 3 deserves better than a public servant (who has sat in office for less than one full term) and is seeking the capitalistic opportunity to fund an almost 525% salary increase, while simultaneously reducing the citizen's representatives on by fifty percent.  This is not the time in our city's history to reduce the collective voice of The People by fifty percent, and create an incubator for professional politicians.

We need an Alderperson who will respond to ALL residents, not only the newest, or most affluent residents. We need an Alderpeson who will take up our cause, and make our city hear us.  

#VoteRowe for a responsive and advocating Alder.