Protecting our most vulnerable and at-risk citizens must be a priority.

Public Safety is a large umbrella; within the community of District 3, however, it is a matter of everyday safety. 

We must address the growing issues of property theft, car break-ins, and seemingly random acts of violence. The answer is not to continue with the systemically injustice remedies of the past, but to develop new preventative solutions to the root causes of  these behaviors: poverty, lack of positive leadership, educational gaps. 

How can we collaborate with local organizations, such as the Community Response Team or The Good Neighbor Project, to encourage community engagement? What community programs can we offer our youth and at-risk families to support their social and community bonds?  


Then, there is the citizens that has been the victim of a crime. How can we better provide follow-up care and services to victim's? As Alder, how may I be of service to those who are needing to contact services and find support after they have been violated?  

Many are asking, "Who are citizens to call when the Police are the problem? 

Knowing all too well the lasting effects and life-changing consequences of Police misconduct, abuses of power, and failing to uphold their own Standards of Operating Procedures; I will continue to fight for reform, and to support the many officers who serve our community honorably.


I have already stood before Common Council; in the offices of our Police Chief and Mayor; and have challenged the City's Police and attorney's on their own negligence in receiving victim's statements and neglecting to act in accordance with their own policies and legislation.  


I have been here as advocate,  and as an active voice calling for greater police oversight and accountability - before it was the popular thing for a Candidate to do.


Public Safety Is Paramount