The Right Choice for District 3

Hello, I'm Charly Rowe

Community activist and artist, Charly Rowe, has called the east side of Madison home since she was a first grader at ALCS. Graduating from both East and La Follette High Schools, she continued her education in Business Administration and K-12 Elementary. Having worked over a decade as a teacher, administrator, and a principal; she then transitioned to a career in Business Development and Social Marketing. She has lived the last six years in District 3, where she is now raising her own two children- both Kennedy Cougars.


At forty-four years old, Charly's lived experiences in Madison have made her a posterchild for the political issues affecting the city, and the residents of her own district. She has met the life-trajectory changing traumas and the systemic injustices head on by becoming an advocate for the stigmatized and a voice for the unprotected. As a bi-partisan Alder, Charly will seek to affect more equitable and progressive policies; support measures that hold governing and policing institutions more accountable to their citizens; and work forward to ensure the citizens of District 3 are being heard and receiving the services they work so hard for.

Her commitment to building equitable communities and citizenship began early, in 1992,  when she was selected to serve as a MMSD School Board, Student Affairs Committee Member. Learning the process of turning listening into policy making, Charly gained an understanding and appreciation for the power to initiate and create change at the Municipal level. She learned the value of having bipartisan representatives, and the need for cross-sectional discussions that seek to edify the best interest of the whole body. 


Charly has remained involved in the community as an advocate and activist for mental health awareness, police reform, children's and workers' rights. She has worked on humanitarian and environmental projects with local organizations including: National Alliance on Mental Illness; Madison Area Music Association's MAMA Cares; Ice Age River Alliance; Willma's Fund, and her own passion projects with the Crowe Collective.

On April 6, 2021, Madison will have the opportunity to change the course of our city's future.  The power to change the systems begins at the local municipal levels.  We must not grow weary, but we must enter the systems with our voices firm. We, the People, must begin to build more progressive, compassionate, and equitable communities for all citizens.



Together, we rise
to be heard!

Vote Charly Rowe for
Alder, District 3


Purpose & Passion

The question I have been asked the most since my dark horse entry into to this race for a seat on Madison's Common Council is this,
                         "Why are you running? Why do you want to be on the Common Council?"

Simply put- I believe my experiences, education, and empathy make me the right person to work with and act on behalf of the residents of District 3, as a true bipartisan representative.

The recent events within our society and city's culture have shaken us all to the core. We have had the proverbial blinders removed from our eyes. We are now, more than ever, collectively aware of the need for our governing systems to be re-examined and changed.  Our local representatives must work to provide more equitable and inclusive protections and provisions; while remaining transparent and accountable to the citizens of our communities. 

Entering this race as the proverbial "Dark Horse", it was important to me to obtain my nominations for candidacy from the people of District 3.  Behind one of the doors that I knocked on was a man in his late 60's.  After patiently listening to me explain why I was knocking on his door during a pandemic, on a snowy night, he made this statement to me as he took the pen to the paper,

"In all my years of voting, I have never once been asked anything like this- to do this. No one ever asked me before if I wanted them to run for office."  


                                                                        I had conversations with each person, who with the act of                                                                                    signing their name, declared they wanted change. The people of                                                                          District 3 are looking for a leader who will meet them where they                                                                          are at; who can share in their experiences and advocate for                                                                                  impactful change within the municipal systems.  They have                                                                                  expressed that they want a representative for the People, of the                                                                           People.  We have grown weary of political promises made by                                                                                those that would take our seats on Common Council; only to                                                                             abandon them in a self-serving bid to climb the political ladder. 


The course of history is being changed, and we have the power to rise up together and take hold of the ship!  Join me on my campaign, as I seek to turn the tide of our local government to a more compassionate, progressive and just institution. April 6th Vote Charly Rowe for Alder of District 3.