"Each is Equal" and the laws must provide and protect for us all!

The demographic makeup of District 3 is economically diverse and culturally rich.
I will work and fight to ensure that all of our District and City’s citizens have equal access to their elected leaders, health systems, educational opportunities, creative opportunities, and job placements. often these services are available, but without being made aware of them - citizens are unable to access the provisions already available.  We need to ensure that the  services and programs in place are such that they are meeting the needs of those they are designed and financed to help in our district. 

Recently, Madison presented that it determined there was a required a minimum wage of $17 per hour, for a single adult to live in basic housing with needs adequately met; but the county in which that city resides determines that a single parent (of two minor children, on less than full child support) will begin to lose benefits at $12 per hour- there are systems that need to be addressed and changed. 

We need creative thinkers in our elected offices to collaborate on solutions to issues that would seem to fall into another legislative jurisdiction. We need transparent Alders who will champion our communities voices and causes.

Equitable Access, Representation & Legislation