Inclusion, Equality
& Justice

Our diversity is the source of our vibrancy.  #LetsRiseTogether

Our city is changing, and the representatives who sit on Common Council should reflect these changes.  We must have active and vocal representation of the peoples who have traditionally been  marginalized; BIPOC,  LGBTQx; youth, and the mentally diverse.  Each home in the district is affected by laws that disproportionally affects members of these communities.  We need to cultivate and strengthen the foundations of an equal and inclusive community.  We must create opportunities for social, economic and cultural  growth, if we are going to begin to #RiseTogether.

have heard this part of east side Madison referred to as the “Dead East” since I was a youth. I will work to bring life and a sense of togetherness to our district through festivals, educational opportunities, community outreach, youth programs, neighborhood meetings, and more.


We are stronger when we grow together. Growing together also means that we are capable as a district, with the financial and legislative support of the city to revitalize our corridors and empty business fronts with local entrepreneurs, creatives and opportunities for youth programs. There are opportunities for private investors to stimulate our local economy.  Imagine more accessible youth art programs, social programs for older persons, community building initiatives.


Our neighbors have worked hard for their homes, and to stay in their homes. We should not be allowed to be run-down and then sold to developers, as current leadership has been working towards. As Alder I will fight to protect the value and rights of our investments here, and also for those facing difficulties with current housing situations and security.