Thanks For Getting to Know Me!

It was a question addressed in the first Community Roundtable, "Why are you not sharing any endorsements?"

It is not the typical campaign strategy to withhold from flaunting the political party endorsements and high profile names. It seems like the best way to stir up some interest in your campaign, right?

As a part of my platform is to demand and deliver transparency and accountability in our governing officials; I wanted to give voters the opportunity to meet me. I wanted to share my vision for a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous Madison before sharing a few words from political, community, and District 3 leaders and members. 


My commitment to advocacy and work in various and intersectional communities, combined with my over 25 years life experience on the east side of Madison has blessed me with an extensive, powerful network of compassionate, ethical and community oriented leaders, entrepreneurs, and citizens. 

I am humbled and honored to share the voices and opinions of those who have worked with me; know my strengths and weaknesses; watched my commitment, and have felt compelled to share their endorsements for your consideration.  

Dana Pellebon

Co-Executive Director at Rape Crisis Center,
Former Board Member:
World Builders Inc., OutReach Inc.

"I have known Charly since High School. In that time, I have always known her to be passionate, hard working, and filled with ideas to change the world for the better. Charly Rowe is non-stop in fighting for what she believes. Anyone who comes across her knows that her heart is in the right place and that her passion for change is a driving force."

chris kammer.jpg

Dr. Chris Kammer

Owner of Victorious Dental,
Mental Health Advocate

When you are trying to decide who you want to represent you; you want someone who will represent you and the struggles you and others have been through. Charly Rowe has been in the struggle and knows what it is like.

If you want someone who is not a part of the system, Charly Rowe is your pick!

I appreciate her working side by side with me on causes like the National Alliance on Mental Illness.


I know her as a good, fun, strong person who will fight for your rights. She will take the time to listen to you, and hear your concerns. When it comes election time,  absolutely #RiseWithRowe. You won’t regret it, in fact, there is no other choice!

Becki Friday

District 3 Resident,
Realtor, Mother & Small Business Owner

Charly Rowe is EXACTLY what the east side needs!

Madison has always mattered to her. She actually listens to what her neighborhood thinks and will work toward positive change for our whole community.

She is grassroots and wants expansion to come from giving opportunities to local entrepreneurs.

Charly centers our children and will push for community centers which will provide support for our kids.

Affordable housing is at the top of her agenda. We know we need to provide housing with reasonable rates to everyone, and she will push to make sure that happens.

Please help get Charly elected!

Ed Lemay

CoFormer Cottage Grove Village Board Trustee

Charly is running for all the right reasons!


Having been involved in politics most of my adult life, and having served in public office, I have seen many campaigns. At the heart of those campaigns are the reasons that the candidate is volunteering for public office.


Charly`s passion for the common good may only be surpassed by her understanding of community dynamics.


Charly`s campaign is not a quest of personal gain, but rather an appreciation for the power of our society.


Charly`s journey has brought her to this moment and she is ready, willing and able.


She is running for all the right reasons!

Four lakes green party endorsement.png

Four Lakes Green Party

 Local independent political party for the Dane County, Wisconsin area. Affiliated with the Wisconsin Green Party.

While the slate of candidates endorsed by the Green Party is diverse, they all share a background in community activism and a commitment to run grassroots campaigns free of corporate money.

They also align with the Greens’ values and vision on critical issues such as affordable housing as a human right, police and criminal justice reform, environmental justice, sustainable development, racial justice, transportation alternatives, and more.

ORW logo.png

Our Revolution

Our Revolution Wisconsin,
Our Revolution Dane County

Our Wisconsin Revolution is
about making Wisconsin a genuine democracy- with a government and an economy that are of, by and for the people.

Shake up the system. Challenge the establishment. Stand for progressive principles. Work for fundamental change. Fight for the working class. 


Charly is an advocate of the greater good. She knows that positive change is possible when all voices are heard and people work together to do the right things.

Brian Benford

Next District 6, Past alderperson (District 12), Past President of the City of Madison
Equal Opportunities Commission

As the next alderperson for the City of Madison, District 6; 30 year family advocate, educator; activist  and proud father of five- 

I wholeheartedly endorse Charly Rowe for District 3 alderperson.


Charly is a real transformative leader, that as an artist and activist brought diverse people together to reach their full potentials. 


During these uncertain times, we need leaders with lived-life experiences that are dedicated to ensuring that everyone's voices are heard and represented. 


Charly is exactly what the City of Madison needs to forge a new, safe, socially just and equitable Madison.  

tl luke.gif

T. L. Luke

Local Artist & Independent
East Side 
Small Business Owner

Charly reached out to me about commissioning an illustration for her campaign. I recognized Charly from her contributions to FemFest-Madison and LGBTQ organizations—but I didn’t really know Charly personally.


I wanted to learn more about her platform to make sure our values align. I have never said “Yes!” to a client faster! Her experience alone speaks volumes.


However, after she hired me (a marginalized business owner), she then proceeded to advertise my small business! In the middle of a grassroots campaign, she STILL made time to share MY name.


You cannot manufacture that kind of generosity, District 3. Don’t pass up the opportunity to not only have an unbelievably qualified Alder in your community, but someone who will prove time and time again that she will use her voice to advocate for YOU first.


It is my sincere honor to endorse Charly Rowe for Alder, District 3! Show up and VOTE April 6th, Madison!


Travis Ziegler

Independent East side Small Business Owner,

Sound Mindset Productions

“Charly is an advocate of the greater good, she knows that positive change is possible when all voices are heard and people work together to do the right things.


As a passionate and progressive member of the community, Charly will bring a fresh and inclusive perspective during these pivotal times.”